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Repurposing Repurposed Guatemalan Clothes and What Nots

A couple of weekends ago we went to an arts & craft fair in our neighborhood.  We’ve been each year for the past few years and it is always such fun.

There are so many different artists with all sorts of unique, handmade goodies.  One man had a unique design for kaleidoscopes and we really enjoyed checking those out.  There was also the crepe booth where we demolished a fantastic buckwheat crepe with swiss cheese and green onions – that was soooo yummy!  I could eat that everyday 🙂

One of my favorites was my friend Sondra’s booth because that’s where she showcases all of her fiber art.  Her focus is on fabric dolls and this year she added small wall hangings.  (Sondra is the one who does all the neat quilting on my quilts.)  Here is the little wall hanging I bought – love the colors and design.


As we were coming to the last group of booths, my eye was immediately caught by some really special fabrics.  A woman had purchased loads of Guatemalan shirts, mats and vests and had repurposed them into tablecloths, cloth napkins, jackets and purses.

The tablecloths and napkins really grabbed my attention.  The colors were rich and gorgeous and they felt so soft.  I was quite taken.  I bought a large tablecloth and 3 sets of napkins.  I was already starting to visualize a quilt.

As it happened, I also received a small order of solids in the mail that same day.  The Guatemalan fabrics and solids looked really nice together and I couldn’t wait to start cutting!


I think if I stayed in her booth any longer, I would have bought even more!  I kind of wish I had actually!!

Anyway, I have finished the main part of the quilt.  I love the colors!  I am working on the border now.  I’m trying to figure out how to do several types of blocks for the border because making 44 of anything that has to be about the same is quite boring 🙂

Here is a close up so you can see the fabrics.  I love them!


Here is the main part of the quilt so far.


Now – it’s back to work on the border pieces 🙂



2014 New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop – Welcome!

Hello and thanks for popping into Talking Lunchbox Quilts for the 2014 New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop!  I am really excited to be a part of this Hop and have been having a ball checking out the other Hopper’s sites.  So many beautiful quilts and awesome ideas!

I love the energy and fun of quilting.  I made my first quilt about 8 years ago and haven’t stopped since.  My point of entry was making house quilts.  Freddy Moran was my teacher and biggest inspiration.  One of her favorite sayings is to make houses that would shock the neighbors.  I took that advice to heart!


Monster House Quilt. My imagination kind of ran amuck with this one!


Houses are fun to make – so are castles!  A pink castle would surely shock the neighbors, don’t you think?


Calcutta Castle – complete with a princess in the window.

After making a bunch of house quilts – some wilder than others – I then got into making bird house quilts.  Those were also really fun to make!  If I was a bird, I would want to live in one of these crazy houses.


Birdhouse Quilt – Not for your basic bird!

I also love to make sailboats.  I started off following a pattern but after one quilt, I decided to make my own design – no measuring or fussy cutting.  I like that much better!  🙂


First Sailboat Quilt – Followed a pattern for the sailboats


Second Sailboat Quilt – started to design my own boats


Now I only make sailboats that I design. I really love making them!

I also like to play around with Steam A Seam.  I get a giggle out of making stick people quilts – they are quite cooperative and willing to do anything.  They’re just happy little devils!  Tee-hee.


I like to call this one Cirque de Stické. Yes, I am a big goofball!

This is the quilt I used for my blog.  I love all dot fabrics!  They’re so bright and happy.  A perfect match for my happy stick people.


5th Grade Dance – yep, that’s what they look like! 🙂

Here are a few random things about me and quilting:

  • I love using bright colors and fun designs to make people smile
  • Giving quilts to family and friends makes me happy
  • Taking classes and sewing with other people is so much fun
  • Buying fabric is such a blast!
  • Finding inspiration in unexpected places and ways is such a rush when it happens
  • I like to listen to books while I am sewing – ranging from mysteries to romances
  • I also like listening to music – usually R&B but I also like reggae and flamenco
  • I am a firm believer in the power of silliness and sometimes I snort when I laugh 🙂

One of my most recent quilts was inspired by a picture of a fiber art piece I saw in a magazine.


Liquid Fire – 2014

Thank you for visiting!  I hope to get to know more of you!!  OOXX

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Another Awesome Freddy Moran Class!

Two weekends ago I was at a Zig Zag class taught by Freddy Moran at one of my local quilt shops, the Cotton Patch.  Freddy was my first quilt teacher and I have taken 8 to 10 classes with her over the past 8 years.

Every class with Freddy is such a blast.  I think it’s a combination of her stories – she’s got loads of them – and how interactive she is throughout the class.  She is always interested in seeing what we are making during the class and is constantly sharing our projects with the other members of our group.  Plus she is really funny and totally makes me laugh!

For this class, there was lots of cutting needed because the entire quilt is made up of squares.  I went a bit overboard on my cutting and have enough squares for at least 6 quilts.  Yee gads!!  I have between 45 to 60 different fabrics cut for each color (except black)!  I think I spent a total of 24 hours cutting squares.



I decided to try something a little different than the class sample in that instead of using a solid color for the background, I decided to use my assortment of “whites”.  As I started sewing the squares together, I got a little worried that this may not have been a good plan.  I wanted to see if I could make the zig zag pattern show up but be a bit more subtle.  At the same time, I really wanted to use a massive amount of different fabrics just for the fun of it.

However during our class, the more squares I sewed together, the more skeptical I got.  I kept telling my table mate that perhaps my idea had run amuck.  Freddy didn’t say anything – she just smiled and said keep going and then we’ll take a look at it.  Well okey-dokey I said.

So I kept going.  Once I got a few rows put together, we decided that it did work after all.  It was definitely more subtle, but you could see the zig zag.  I even surprised myself given how it looked before I sewed a bunch of the blocks together!



This is a work in progress, I have one more row to add and then it will be done.  Now I think it would be really fun to make this as a two color quilt as well.  Maybe red and yellow, or red and green for the Holidays?  Hmmm.

Looking forward to signing up for the next Freddy class.  🙂

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